Morning Report for August 26, 2014

* Hundreds of Turner Broadcasting veterans will be getting buyout offers. (
* CNN’s Jeff Zucker is praised for admitting you can’t do more with less. (
* Time’s Ferguson story – shared 4,076 times on Twitter – was the most social of the three newsweeklies. (
angel* Cartoonist Matt Bors predicted a he-was-no-angel story about Michael Brown. The cartoon on the right is from August 18. ( | “No angel” reference in New York Times’ Brown story “was a regrettable mistake,” says the public editor. ( | Did people read the entire story? asks the Timesman who wrote the piece. (
* When journalists become the story. (
* Former AP Jerusalem bureau staffer Matti Friedman tries to provide “a few tools to make sense of the news from Israel.” (
* Napa Valley Register’s newsroom is badly damaged by Sunday’s earthquake, but staffers still put out a paper. (
* Please pull the plug on the MTV Video Music Awards! (
* Longtime Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Karen Heller heads to the Washington Post Style section. She writes in her farewell piece: “The Inquirer has been roiled by turbulence. This was no place for the weak. Every spring or two brought a new owner, a new plan, and, often, chaos. This fabled paper kept churning, this amazing newsroom pushing against the tide.” (
* How New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor got Starbucks to quickly change its barista scheduling policy. (
* John Oliver explains things better than TV news broadcasts. (
abc* Big producer changes at ABC News. (
* Claim: “Mainstream journalists delight in their ability to get Al Sharpton on the phone for a quote.” (
* Philadelphia Public Record says it fired the staffer who added Asian slurs to a photo caption. ( | (
* Andrew Leonard: “A world in which the [New York] Times is struggling to survive does not sound like the golden age of journalism to me.” (
* “Who could do such a thing to the most open-hearted person any of us knew?” asks one of James Foley‘s friends. (
* Men’s Health: We stand behind our story on the costs of robotic surgery. (
* BuzzFeed’s Chris Geidner is named NLGJA’s Journalist of the Year. (
* A new corporate headquarters for the Baton Rouge and New Orleans Advocate. ( AUTO-PLAY AD)
* The 2014 Online Journalism Awards finalists have been announced. (
* New York congressional candidate Elise Stefanik cuts a press conference short after being asked a question she doesn’t like. (
* Nothing on my feed: Tweeting photos of passed-out college students is said to be a “trend.” (