What Washington Post’s new publisher told newsroom staffers today

Here’s what the Washington Post’s new publisher, Fred Ryan, told the newsroom today, according to media blogger Erik Wemple’s tweets:

Ryan tells staff he’ll be a “backer” of the newsroom

Fred Ryan via @fotojrnide

Fred Ryan via @fotojrnide

Says change in news consumption is due to accelerate

Challenge, says Ryan, is to embrace change, “lead” it

Ryan says a key for Wapo is winning the morning: Connect in the morning and keep it up throughout the day

Says WaPo stands for highest journo standards

Ryan declines to give tick-tock of how he came to publisher job

Ryan hesitant to talk about specific strategy in open meeting

Ryan says local and national coverage shouldn’t be mutually exclusive

Asked about ideological orientation, Ryan said WaPo not an “ideological org; it’s a news org”

Ryan says believes in “objective journalism”

“I don’t think there’s a better place to be in journalism than WaPo.”

* Tweets by Erik Wemple (twitter.com) | Photo by Linda Epstein (instagram.com)
* Fred Ryan replaces Katharine Weymouth as Post publisher (washingtonpost.com)