[UPDATED] ‘Dirty Jobs’ guy Mike Rowe wants NPR to know he’s no longer ‘Shark Week’ host

- The Mike Rowe photo on  KCUR's website

– The Mike Rowe photo on KCUR’s website


Update: Posted at the end of this NPR story:

Editor’s note at 4:15 p.m. on Sept. 4: We’ve removed a photo from this page. It showed TV’s Mike Rowe during one of the Shark Week programs he hosted in 2006. Rowe has pointed out on his Facebook page that he last hosted a Shark Week show in 2008. The photo shouldn’t have been included in a report about what critics have said regarding more recent Shark Week presentations.

* Mike Rowe isn’t happy to see his old photo on KCUR.org (facebook.com)