Morning Report for September 4, 2014

* Bloomberg LP CEO Michael Bloomberg should buy CNN. (
* “I’m actually not that worried about the future of the New York Times,” says executive editor Dean Baquet. (
* New York Daily News will no longer use “Redskins.” The NFL team will simply be referred to as Washington. (
* Has Glenn Greenwald peaked? asks Politico. (
* A Huffington Post editor who recently resigned – Jimmy Soni was going to write a book, HuffPo said – was being investigated for sexual harassment. (
* Washingtonian magazine is criticized for a “low blow” in a restaurant review. The critic wrote: “[The chef] recently became an American citizen. Let’s hope next time he can come up with a better thank-you to his adopted country than this gutless homage.” (
* Fortune’s new managing editor needs to hire a copy editor. (@James_daSilva)
* Kind of guessed that: “Most books are never fact-checked.” (
* Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times insists that taking its name off the local arena isn’t a cost-saving move. (
* Washington Times uses its staff writers to put together an NRA supplement. (
will* Washington Post’s rules do not apply to columnist George Will, says editorial page editor Fred Hiatt. (
* Layoffs at Gannett’s Tennessean begin today. (@pithinthewind)
* Elizabeth Spiers on the back-to-blogging “trend”: “I realize that two or three people engaging in the same behavior at the same time constitutes a trend in some circles, but…” (
* Michael Wolff snubbed. (
* A questionable series about the history of email from The Huffington Post. (
* Real estate company JBG publishes a popular free tabloid in Washington D.C. Its spokesman says: “None of the content is disingenuous, because you will never see a profile of JBG as a company.” (