Morning Report for September 8, 2014

“Please don’t expect me to read your magazine if it doesn’t feature at least one screaming man.” (@bridger_w)
* Rick Berke, who left the New York Times less than a year ago to become Politico executive editor, resigns over strategic differences with his bosses. (
* Wall Street Journal media editor Martin Peers jumps to tech site The Information. ( | He’s welcomed by his new boss. (
* The Newspaper Guild seeks new owners for the San Jose Mercury News, Denver Post and other Digital First newspapers. (
* Derek Jeter answers a reporter’s phone call during a press conference. (“Walt, she’s going to have to call you back.”) (
* “Bloomberg News editorial policy is to not cover Bloomberg L.P.” (
* Charlotte Observer says it will “generally avoid references to the Redskins.” (
* Time Inc.’s CEO claims his magazines don’t cover their advertisers; he’s wrong. (
* A venture capitalist is asked: Why are you investing in a “shallow product” like BuzzFeed? ( | BuzzFeed editor: We’re investing heavily in journalism. (
* Report: Three Cleveland Plain Dealer courts reporters are replaced with young, non-union staffers. (
* Society of Professional Journalists updates its ethics code. ( | An improvement, but a disappointment. (Steve Buttry) | “Already, work is underway on an alternate SPJ Code of Ethics.” (
* Eric Weddle, who was laid off from Gannett’s Indianapolis Star on Friday, plans to spend a lot of time with his daughter, perfect his Aeropress coffee technique, and “find something new.” (@ericweddle)
* Vox: We shouldn’t have let our reporter buy bitcoins. (
* The Vancouver Sun defends using Chinese government money to pay for a columnist’s trip. (
* Remember the Indiana blogger who worked as an informant for bounty hunters last month? She’s resigned from her blog. (
* Steve Outing has started a Facebook group for journalists who write about the future. ( | The future looks bright to most Yale freshmen, according to a Yale Daily News survey. (
* Ouch! “It’s like Ross and Thurber. But with cheap hacks.” (
* “Foodie,” “kerfuffle” and other words banned by Eater National. (