Morning Report for September 11, 2014

* San Francisco Chronicle’s Peter Hartlaub has some fun with a 1940s newsroom typewriter. (@peterhartlaub)
* Lancaster New Era apologizes for an editorial cartoon – submitted, not from staff – that compares the inconvenience of air travel with slavery. ( | The cartoon: (
* Beacon – a sort of Kickstarter for journalism – has funded over 150 reporting projects so far. (
* Kate Lanphear leaves the New York Times to become Maxim editor-in-chief. She says: “I hope to cultivate and broaden Maxim’s coverage of style and culture. It’s an exciting time for this boldly confident, unapologetic brand.” (
* Farewell, iPod. (
* Vice’s Shane Smith has the kind of magic that the media business hasn’t seen in quite some time. (hollywoodreporter.)
* Here are your 2014 Science in Society Journalism Award winners: (
bastards* Recalling SF Examiner’s BASTARDS! headline and other posts after the 9/11 attacks. (Romenesko’s MediaNews)
* Christine Brennan: Getting the Roger Goodell interview “was good, old-fashioned journalism. You ask and then you ask again.” (
* USA Today’s laid off “Pop Candy” columnist says goodbye to readers – but on her own website. (
* Bill O’Reilly‘s soft side. ( | O’Reilly says he has some liberal views. (
* JOBS: The Weather Channel is looking for a business/legal affairs director. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Columbus Dispatch’s editor explains why he unpublished a story. (
* How’d I miss him? John McCain showed up on all three cable news channels Wednesday night. ( | McCain vs. Carney on CNN. (
* In “the old days,” some reporters wore badges and – surprise! – occasionally misused them. “If you flash it fast, no one notices. They think you’re a real deputy.” (