Flyers target controversial conservative Cornell Daily Sun columnist

Several flyers targeting Cornell Daily Sun “Alway Right” columnist Julius Kairey were found around campus last Friday.

The conservative Cornell Review reports:


The flyers’ description is most likely a reference to common criticism of Kairey’s recent articles, notably “The Truth About ‘Rape Culture’,” “Islamophobia and Racism,” and most recently “Should California Redefine Campus Sexual Assault?”

Kairey’s articles are often met with calls for his censorship via removal from the Sun’s staff. After he published his article on Islamophobia, the calls were so strident and widespread the Review submitted a Letter to the Editor to the Sun asking critics to respect free speech and open debate.

Cornell Daily Sun editors have a letter in today’s paper that doesn’t name Kairey or mention the flyers, but it’s obviously about them.

It says: “We support others who have differing views from those presented, but insist that these conversations occur through the appropriate and proper channels. …We will not tolerate harassment or inappropriate actions from any member of the community, and instead we look to inspire conversations in a positive manner.”

I’ve invited Kairey and Daily Sun editor-in-chief Haley Velasco to comment.

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