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Earlier this week, Green Bay Press-Gazette’s Amy Bailey wrote about being at a Packers-game party and hearing someone mention “a big ol’ n—- pile” on the field. She told Press-Gazette readers:

AIbEiAIAAABDCPLg5L6J2taORyILdmNhcmRfcGhvdG8qKDAyOGNkNDg3Yzc1NmNmNTUzMzE5ZGRmNGE0MDYyN2MwZjUxMWQzMzcwAZdtLi8vT_9cK2x7uO8_l3tOEWrRI wasn’t in my own house and this wasn’t my guest, but I wasn’t going to not say anything. My response was not at all articulate; it was something along the lines of “That is totally inappropriate. You can’t say that.”

Bailey (above) tells Romenesko readers: “As journalists, we expect to receive feedback from readers, especially on a topic like racism, but I’ll admit, I was not expecting this. I was SHOCKED to see the letter writer neither signed his name nor listed a return address on the envelope.” An excerpt from the two-page letter (links to it are below):


* Amy Bailey: Racial slur can’t go unchallenged (
* Read the first page of the letter to Bailey | The second page (Google Drive)

Update: Read comments from my Facebook friends and subscribers (

Update: “We have taken the address down from Twitter,” says KIRO 7’s news director. [Actually, reporter Amy Clancy’s tweet has been deleted; I’ve posted a screenshot.] “We understand the concerns it raised and appreciate the feedback.”


Letter to Romenesko
From A SEATTLE JOURNALIST: The Bellevue (Washington) Police Department said Thursday evening that [Seattle Seahawks running back] Marshawn Lynch had been cleared of all assault allegations and that they were recommending charges be filed against the woman accused of making the allegations. A KIRO7 reporter tweeted the first page of a probable-cause statement with the caption “Wanna know WHO accused Marshawn Lynch of assault?”

The documents are public record, but I found this troubling. Her name, address and phone number are now out there to the thousands of Seahawks fans. And she hasn’t been charged with a crime. I’m wondering what your readers might think.

Please post in comments or send me an email and I’ll post if you don’t use Facebook. I’ve invited Clancy to respond.

* Read comments from my Facebook friends and subscribers (

Jill Abramson and Ann Marie Lipinski

Jill Abramson and Ann Marie Lipinski

Tweets from Jill Abramson’s Friday fireside chat at Harvard (photo via Justin Ellis):

Abramson: “This intro is so diplomatic. @AMLwhere left out the part about me being fired. Talk abt burying the lede.”

@JillAbramson says cuts at the NYT haven’t focused on “news gathering muscle,” says the newsroom is as big as it was a decade ago.

Abramson said she thought NYT Now was “perfection,” optimized for mobile, made into bullets, targeted for mornings and night.

@JillAbramson says she uses the NYT Now app and hopes they stick with it.

“I’m not trying to be a Pollyanna” and say citizens can cover everything, but Hong Kong shows it can be done, says Abramson.

On “Angry Black Woman” & lack of editors of color, Abramson: “I though when I read that shame on me, I should have focused on that”

“We no longer live in a world where something isn’t covered if CNN isn’t there” – ex-NYT editor Jill Abramson on Twitter and social media

Jill Abramson: ‘I read an article about Sheryl Sandberg that said she ‘chirped’. You’d never say Mark Zuckerberg ‘chirped’./CONTINUES Read More

* Derek Jeter gets some advice from David Remnick, Choire Sicha and other editors. “I’d encourage you to encourage current and recently former athletes to take on and address actual issues with honesty,” Esquire’s David Granger advises The Players’ Tribune publisher. (
* Meet Sarasota Herald-Tribune’s pot reporter. (
* “People who work at ESPN will be the first to say that they are the largest walking conflict of interest that exists.” (
move* Reddit wants its employees to move to San Francisco. “No more Salt Lake City office, responsible for Reddit Gifts. No more New York office, responsible for selling ads. No more remote programmers or remote community support people.” (
* Why NPR didn’t rush to name the Ebola patient in Dallas: “There are some things we really, Really, REALLY don’t want to get wrong. Naming the first person to have ‘brought’ Ebola to the U.S. is certainly among them.” (
* There’s going to be a print edition of Pop-Up Magazine. (
* New York Times cuts about two dozen jobs on the business side. (
* Piers Morgan accuses CNN of being obsessed with ratings. (
* Former “Good Morning America” host David Hartman, 79, is now hosting North Carolina Symphony broadcasts on public radio. (
* “‘Hands-on’ is the hallmark of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications’ journalism program,” says the school’s head of entrepreneurship and partnerships. (
* Detroit Free Press page designer Steve Anderson dies at 59. He was known for “his detailed craftsmanship, gruff exterior, perpetual white beard, potent one-liners, sharp banter … and a grungy fish tank on his desk.” (
* Tallahassee Democrat sportswriter resigns over plagiarism charges. (
life* “This American Life” tries something new – a “Serial” podcast that’s already iTunes’ #1 download. (
* Chris Mooney leaves Mother Jones for the Washington Post, where he’ll do environmental reporting. (@ErikWemple)
* Fox News hosts didn’t like Obama’s jab. (