Morning Report for October 10, 2014

* Jay Rosen to Chuck Todd: “Do you think you are part of the professional political class? Would you include yourself in it?” Todd: “I don’t think any political reporters should be categorized in that, and I wouldn’t want to be classified in that group. I’m not an operative. I’m a reporter and analyst.” (
me* The first-person essay boom examined. (
* How New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich might write about himself. (
* Elmhurst College student editor says this week’s theft case and resulting publicity made it feel like “we were a real live newspaper. It was exciting. It makes me want to pursue this more as a career now.” ( | (
* Full disclosure, please: Why did this break-in get such big play? Because it’s the executive editor’s home. (
* Laid-off Gannett journalist: “It toasts me when former co-workers and others who have broken free of the addiction that is journalism start in on how the business never will be as good as it was back in [fill in the blank with the years they worked here].” (
* AP journalist to Eric Carvin: “I’ll stop by for a chat after picking up my body armor.” (@EricCarvin)
* You’re being watched, NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman: “A man who was with her got out of the car and went inside the restaurant to pick up a take-out order, one reader reported.” (
* “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner: “I totally disagree that we’re in the ‘Golden Age of television.’ That’s just a marketing term.” (
* Total revenue for Andrew Sullivan‘s site is about $1 million. (
* Ebola’s getting too much coverage? (
* High school journalists receive an ACLU award for refusing to use “Redskins.” (
funny* Funny or Die is now doing news. (
* Dan Kennedy on Providence Phoenix’s demise. (
* A UK editor says his site’s clickbait gets readers to check out more serious content. (