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From Monday’s New York Post:

The “shriveled” New York Times – with 1,330 people in its newsroom – “has nobody left to scratch up news,” according to Cindy Adams. Does she know that the Post has only 180 or so editorial staffers remaining after cuts earlier this year?

* Cindy Adams: I’m hurt NYT didn’t thank me for a wedding tip (

This Texas paper had good news for Cowboy fans…

…while another Texas paper had a different result:

The Huntsville Item sent this response to my inquiry: “It appears to have been a lapse in communication or some other sort of human error between our news desk and sports desk. The correct score and victory appear on the sports page. We’re still looking into the exact cause.” (Thanks to Romenesko reader Robert Hurst for sending the Huntsville Item image.)


Paul Berry, who leads the Springfield (MO) News-Leader newsroom, has never been a fan of his website’s mug shot galleries. They “serve as little more than a place for people to gawk at those who have been arrested,” he writes.

Good journalism seeks to bring clarity to confusion, helps us ask informed questions and provides us with the information we need to make informed decisions for our families, businesses and communities.

We’ve been struggling with how these galleries fit into our approach. While they serve as a record of arrests in our area, they raise significant questions. Was the arrest justified? Were formal charges filed? What is the condition of the person arrested?

The editor adds: “Many of those who are arrested need our community’s help, not our ridicule. …For now, mug shots are a machine we won’t be turning back on again.”

I asked Berry about reaction to this news. “So far, I’ve heard from a couple people via email and several on the website,” he says. “To a person, response has been positive. Most are giving support or saying thanks.”

* So, where did the mug shots go? (

In June, Alaska Dispatch News (formerly Anchorage Daily News) asked the Anchorage Police Department for several decades’ worth of SWAT data. The newspaper reports:


Reporter Jerzy Shedlock tells me the paper was told by the police department that it took just over 9 hours (at $40 an hour) to collect the information.

* SWAT call-outs average one a month in Anchorage (


Romenesko reader Geoff Fox wrote in a Saturday afternoon email: “How long until this tweet’s deleted?” I checked this morning and it’s no longer on MSBC host Joe Scarborough’s list of Oct. 11 tweets. (Fox sent the above screenshot on Saturday.)

* “Bet [colleague] Mika [Brzezinski] gave him shit about this” (

* Bill O’Reilly‘s ego doesn’t fit on this page. (“When I go on Letterman or I go on the morning shows, bill their ratings go up. That’s why they have me on.”) (
* The transcript of last night’s “60 Minutes” piece on New York Times reporter James Risen: (
* James Surowiecki: “At the moment, Netflix can do no wrong. Practically everything the company does is being treated as radical and, of course, ‘hugely disruptive.'” (
* Book publishers find success with YouTube stars. One store owner says: “I’m happy to sell six to 12 copies of a best-selling novel in a month. But when a YouTube star comes in, we sell hundreds in a few hours.” (
* Praise for New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan. (
* Roger Ailes had long thought about a Fox News show with four women versus one guy. The result: “Outnumbered.”
* Will Bunch: “NBC’s talks with Jon Stewart seem like a bizarre plea for help.” (
* Time Inc. employees reject the company’s final contract offer. (
* Noted: It’s the ten-year anniversary of New York Sun declaring that Gawker may have jumped the shark. ( (
* One reason MSNBC’s ratings are sinking: “The network doesn’t surprise you.” (
* Washington Post’s providing software and technology to college papers. (
* Excerpts from a 40-year-old Washingtonian profile of Ben Bradlee: (
* WWD needs a stronger point of view, says new owner Jay Penske. (
* Dave Nuttycombe predicts what Washington Post readers will complain about on the next “Free For All” page. (
* The Advocate and Sun Herald “will partner by sharing reporting and photography and cooperating on stories that impact both Louisiana and Mississippi, including hurricanes.” (
* Students’ comments on are cruel and unfair – but helpful, says one prof. (
* Take the Kansas City Star’s “Newspaper of the Future” survey and you might win a $50 QuikTrip gift card. (


Update: “While we are considering eliminating the chess column in order to keep costs in line, a final decision for the column (on all platforms) has not been made yet,” says Times spokesperson Danielle Rhoades Ha.

* New York Times chess column ended on Sunday (

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