Apple coverage boosts’s numbers

USA Today’s editor-in-chief sent this memo to his staff Wednesday morning:

From: Callaway, David
Date: October 15, 2014 at 10:33:04 AM EDT
To: USAT ED Newsgroup
Subject: Comscore September

Folks, I want to share a few highlights from September’s Comscore traffic report. These are the numbers that are used by advertisers and other media to rank success in digital news growth.
USAToday had the highest month on record in comScore in unique visitors and visits, driven in large part by the Tech section’s Apple coverage, as well as the Money section.

USAToday sites in the General News category had 78M unique visitors, the highest recorded in comScore (previous high was 77M in August), and remained at the #5 ranking, down 17% compared to the #4 position (NBC News Digital) and up 4% over the #6 position (Buzzfeed).

We still have much work to do to catch NBC, but the last two months have been great wins for us. Let’s keep it going.

Cheers. Dave