Bay Guardian owners killed the paper after closing the fattest issue of the year

From KQED public radio’s Wednesday morning discussion on the closing of the San Francisco Bay Guardian:

- via @FitztheReporter

– via @FitztheReporter

Host Michael Krasny: “The timing of this – they put out the Wednesday issue, which went out today, which is a big issue in terms of actually bringing in some revenue.”

Former executive editor Tim Redmond: “They waited until the ‘Best of the Bay’ issue was done, which is traditionally the biggest revenue generator of the year. So of course, they didn’t want to shut the paper down before they got the last money from the ‘Best of the Bay’ issue, so basically the staff worked really hard – as the staff always has to work really hard on the ‘Best of the Bay’ issue – and the minute it went to press on Monday morning, they were brought in and told the paper was closing.”

Listen to Redmond and former Bay Guardian owner Bruce Brugmann

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