Gannett to offer dozens of ‘Newsroom of the Future’ seminars for employees

gannettHere’s the Gannett “Newsroom of the Future” training schedule from U.S. Community Publishing news executive Mackenzie Warren (right). The instructor for the debut session, held yesterday, told employees “how to perform well when interviewing for one of the new jobs.”

From: Warren, Mackenzie
Date: October 16, 2014 at 11:58:26 AM EDT
To: Editors of Gannett Daily Newspapers, Editors2 of Gannett Daily Newspapers
Subject: Upcoming training for newsroom staffers


As the roles and structures of our newsrooms change dramatically, our journalists need training and support to be as successful as possible.

Over the coming year we will offer dozens of training seminars, each targeted at one or more of the 13 new roles in the Newsroom of the Future. Here is an early look at some of what we’re working toward.

Most immediately, here is what we have lined up:

As you can see, the training we are assembling is, thus far, a combination of:

* Home-grown resources as seen with the headline, SEO, social and Newsgate/Presto workflow examples
* A repurposing of existing training from other sources, like those from Poynter/NewsU
* Custom-designed resources using external experts, as is the case with the job interview and previous resume writing sessions.

We are in active discussions now with a number of providers to develop even more custom, role-based trainings. As we add new sessions, we will highlight those to you. In the coming weeks we will also field a survey asking our journalists where they most need training. The results of that survey will steer us and help us prioritize what’s needed most.

Please circulate this message to your staff so people can begin taking advantage of the eight items outlined above. As you review the plans for more training, I welcome any feedback you have about how to make it more useful and empowering for your team.

Going forward, who in your newsroom is the best point of contact for future communications about training? Please let me know.

Thanks very much.