Mississippi TV newsrooms star in reality series

- From 'Breaking Greenville'

– From ‘Breaking Greenville’

It appears the community-newspaper reality show that NBC Peacock Productions was teasing nearly two years ago isn’t going to happen. But a similar show – this one featuring small-market TV newsrooms in Mississippi – is in the can and debuts in December on TruTV.

The preview, which hit YouTube this week, has this description:

BREAKING GREENVILLE follows a group of local anchors as they compete for the top spot in the game. The character-driven docu-soap will spotlight the playful — and at times cut-throat — rivalry between two local news stations [WXVT and WABG] and the dynamic newscasters who are determined to take their jobs seriously, even when some of the news they cover is less than serious.

WABG (Greenville, Miss.) news director Pam Chatman (above) office tells me she was chosen for the show after a Hollywood casting company saw a 2008 profile that referred to her “The Oprah of the South.”

Chatman, who does motivational speaking in addition to news, says she wants to use the TruTV show “to push my platform nationally.” She tells me she has a can-do message for young people – one that she came up with after people said she could never be in TV news because of her size. “I was told I could never do broadcasting because I’m too heavy.”

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