Morning Report for October 24, 2014

* “This is a very spiritual job,” says Buffalo News police reporter Lou Michel, “because you encounter people at their most vulnerable point.” (
* Facebook and Twitter use cheap labor in the Philippines for “content moderation.” One worker says he was offered $312 a month to monitor Facebook posts. (
* J-prof: “When it comes to sports, we don’t have many reporters, just cheerleaders.” (
* Detroit News moves out of a home that’s “too big, too hard to heat and too expensive to maintain.” ( autoplay ad)times
* It’s the 300th day that three Al Jazeera journalists have been jailed in Egypt. (HuffPostMedia) | (
* “Not the New York Times” (right) was the greatest. (
* Kara Swisher recalls Ben Bradlee as an innovator. (
* Ex-WSJ reporter Jessica Lessin says the model for her 10-month-old ad-free tech site works. (
* That’s right, Comcast, just shut up! ( | Comcast dubious about HBO’s web video. (
* Layoffs begin at Poynter’s Tampa Bay Times. (
* BFD: The queen tweeted. (Actually, she just approved what was posted.) (
* The Knight Innovation Award goes to Vice Media’s Shane Smith. (
* New York Post and Daily News considered a partnership of sorts, but talks broke down. (
* McClatchy lost $2.8 million in the third quarter. (
* Diane Sawyer‘s mother dies at 94. Diane was one of her third-grade students, but “I treated her just exacly like the other students,” she once told the Courier-Journal. (
* Is there a reason to be alarmed about the Sun-Times? asks a media critic who works for Sun-Times Media. (
pot* A medical marijuana amendment town hall sponsored by the Fort Myers News-Press gets out of control and an editor apologizes. (
* Ex-AP news editor Dena Potter sues over her dismissal. (
* Great journalism deserves three bylines! (@TuThanhHa)