Morning Report for October 31, 2014

* From Thursday’s Halifax Chronicle Herald. | Full image (
* Tribune Publishing acquires Sun-Times Media’s six daily and 32 weekly suburban newspapers. ( | (
* New York Times cuts ties with Texas Tribune after four years. The Tribune blames “challenging economic times that continue to bedevil the media industry.” (
* Rafat Ali: “The days of cheap tricks for clicks is coming to an end, the days of bullshit ‘growth hacking’ are coming to an end.” (
* One problem with j-schools: “Faculty teach what they know, and that might not be cutting edge.” (
* Oh, no! “Colbert Report” ends December 18. (
* News outlets will have to pay about $70,000 to have a reporter travel with the president to Asia next month. (
* University of North Carolina claims it didn’t know that it wasn’t free to use a photo it grabbed from a weddings portfolio site. (
* Where was the Raleigh News & Observer during the 18-year UNC sports scandal? asks Murray Sperber. (
* The Matt Taibbi Story, according to his former colleagues at First Look Media. ( | Will Yahoo be Taibbi’s next stop? (@cwarzel)
* Gawker figures First Look Media will be around for five years. (
* The average salary at is around $75,000; those with entry-level editorial jobs make between $40,000 and $50,000. (
* Cincinnati Enquirer’s No. 2 editor and about a dozen others are out at the Gannett paper. ( ween
* [Right] I bet they had an interesting news meeting at Mashable this morning. (
* When restaurant critics decide to show their faces. (
* An FOIA-related arrest in Arkansas is a first. (
* Scrolling through conservative columnist Ben Shapiro‘s Twitter feed is “worse than watching ‘Faces of Death’ for the first time.” (
* Check out Austin Chronicle’s Halloween masks gallery. (Of course, Rick Perry and Ted Cruz are there.) (
* The Milwaukee Bucks are negotiating to buy the Journal Sentinel’s longtime home. (They want to build an arena there.) (