Morning Report for November 3, 2014

* Jon Stewart says his name being on a most-trusted list “was a fuck-you to everybody else.” (
geo* Noted: National Geographic now has an animal sex column. (
* Vermont’s 58-year-old governor has been dating a 30-year-old woman, and the state’s media have said nothing about it – until now. (
* The Ferguson no-fly zone, which officials claimed was imposed for safety, was really about keeping the media out. (
* Why did Northeast Ohio Media Group content chief Chris Quinn pull the Kasich/FitzGerald video? Jay Rosen has a theory. ( | Full blog post: (
* Another reason not to read comments: You’re going to see ads there now. (
* Harper’s Bazaar is opening a cafe in the United Arab Emirates. (
* “The good people of Elizabethton, Tennessee just got an upclose look inside the dirty engine of the Fox Noise machine.” (Southern Beale)
* David Carr: The Texas Tribune idea sounded far-fetched five years ago, “but it all came true and then some.” (
* More on the First Look Media drama from Andrew Rice and Paul Carr.
* Heard on the Court, WSJ! (@writerknowles)
* Rupert Murdoch‘s pay through the years. (
farmer* No surprise: “Modern Farmer is not widely read by farmers.” (
* Nothing ever changes at Michael’s, the favorite dining spot of media bigs in Manhattan. (USA Today)
* JOBS: Springfield (IL) State Journal-Register is looking for a features editor. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Freelancer Parker Molloy lashes out at former Advocate colleagues. (
* No more free newspapers in Northwestern’s dining halls. “My first thought was, ‘what are the Medill freshmen going to do about current event quizzes?'” (
* CNET – now in print. (
* Louis C.K.‘s Twitter account vanishes after he posts vulgar things about ISIS. (