Morning Report for November 5, 2014

* New York Times reporter Stephanie Clifford gets a seven-figure book deal. ( | “I’ve been quietly writing a novel for years.” (@stephcliff)
* Northeast Ohio Media Group content chief Chris Quinn finally explains why he took down the endorsements interview video: The candidates had expected an audio-only, he says. Reader representative Ted Diadiun writes: “I think he was wrong to not immediately disclose his reasons, though Quinn disagrees with me. I think it was an error in judgment, and not of a lack of integrity on his part.” My favorite Quinn line from this piece: “Historically, we’re a transparent organization.” (
* Jay Rosen on Quinn: “Choosing silence over transparency injures trust, but it also begets more silence, which hurts trust even more.” (
* NPR’s “Morning Edition” debuted 35 years ago today. ( | celebrates 20 years. (
* Ouch! Re Post cover: “Give them credit for not going with the lynching graphic which was, I”m sure, their real heart’s desire.” (@raminganeshram)
* Sports departments hate election night. One reason: They never get pizza. (
* Sarah Palin MIA on Fox News. (@brianstelter)
* Cable news network Fusion “celebrated election night with two hours of dirty jokes and puppets.” (
* Tribune Publishing CEO: “We are actively engaged in right-sizing the cost structure of the organization.” ( | The company reported a penny per share loss in the last quarter. (
* WSJ. magazine did “better than ever” in 2014. (
* Downsizing at Gannett’s Burlington Free Press. (
* Los Angeles Times incorrectly identifies Tyler Ritter as gay – and nobody seems to care. (
* The publisher is ousted at Advance’s Jersey Journal. “Insiders believe [Ken] Whitfield wasn’t delivering on ad-revenue targets.” (
* Lindenwood University student reporters say St. Louis cops questioned them for over 90 minutes because they were filming police vehicles. ( | The newspaper’s account: (
* GateHouse Media “got its groove back”? How about now giving raises to staffers for the first time in seven years? (
* Amanda Knox is now a freelance writer in Seattle. (
* Longtime blogger Jason Kottke now has a T-shirt, but it’s only available for the next two weeks. (It “features a hole for your head.”) (
jake* Jake Tapper, sketch artist. (@CNNPolitics)
* Boston Globe staffers are updated on their upcoming move: “We have many exciting options in a number of locations.” (