Alt-weekly’s Jeff Bezos cover is ‘the most ridiculously hilarious thing I’ve ever painted’


This week’s Seattle Weekly cover “has to be the most ridiculously hilarious thing I’ve ever painted,” says artist Johnny Acurso. “It was just so funny, and so random, that I pretty much fell in love. I mean who wouldn’t right? Look at those abs!”

I think this may have been the first time I’ve been asked to paint abs, so there’s that. Still, I really enjoy doing portraits, especially when I get to go a little nuts, and painting something so ridiculous relieved a lot of the normal tension. Sometimes painting can be a painful process, but this one was pretty much pure joy.

GeekWire reports the original has been sold to “an undisclosed recipient.” Who bought it, and for how much? I asked Seattle Weekly editor Mark Baumgarten.

“Ha! Well, I can’t disclose price or identity, but I can tell you that the buyer works for Microsoft,” he replied.

An executive or a worker-bee?

“A worker bee. The artist probably should have waited longer to sell what with the publicity the thing is getting.”

The Weekly editor says on Twitter that “suggesting that we should maybe give Jeff Bezos rock-hard abs might be the greatest thing I have ever done.”

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