Funny tweets are the new ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’ in Reader’s Digest

— From the December Reader’s Digest

You can stop sending “Humor in Uniform” and “Laughter is the Best Medicine” submissions to Reader’s Digest, and start giving the magazine your most hilarious tweets. You’ll get $25 if your tweet is published – and the magazine will retweet it. Reader’s Digest started paying for tweets after comedian Dan Wilbur complained about one of his gems being used without permission.

You used my Twitter handle in your print magazine without even retweeting the tweet from your account. I know it sounds petty, but that’s how Twitter is supposed to work, and your online endorsement would help me get anywhere from 10-12 people to consider my other work. You can’t put a hyperlink on a piece of paper, so the odds of someone putting down the magazine, signing in to Twitter, and following me are slim.

The LEAST you could do is give a shoutout to any of the writers you used via your Twitter account. The NEXT-TO-LEAST you could do is tell me you’re using a joke, send me a check for $25, and ask how I’d like to be credited. The MOST you could do is call my mom and tell her you think I “really got something good going with this comedy thing!”

He got a $25 check from Reader’s Digest last Thursday.

* Reader’s Digest will now pay you for your clever tweets (
* Read Dan Wilbur’s complaint letter to Reader’s Digest (