Claim: ‘Roger Ailes is the new Hugh Hefner’

Howard Stern is a big fan of Fox News personality Anna Kooiman (“the really hot one”) and praises Roger Ailes for taking her out of the kickboxing studio and putting her on the news set.

Stern said on his SiriusXM radio show today:

"The new Hugh Hefner"

“The new Hugh Hefner”

Roger Ailes is the new Hugh Hefner, I’ve decided. The guy’s got a whole posse of hot newswomen and he’s a genius. ..He doesn’t even go to broadcast schools, he doesn’t go to journalism departments [to find] all the female anchors – at least the hot ones, and there’s a ton of them. ..

It’s like, “Fuck broadcast school! And fuck journalism! Get me that girl from Turbo Kick who came in number one – not number two, number one – and put her in the tightest dress we can get, and let her read the goddamned teleprompter. And when she has a problem, let her throw it to some dude or whatever, or some ugly chick who can read.” …

And like Hugh Hefner, he’s an older man, not particularly the best-looking guy. But he knows how to spot talent, this guy. …He should start a Fox Mansion – a Fox TV Mansion – [where] he walks around in a bathrobe.