Morning Report for November 11, 2014

* asks readers how they want Black Friday covered. The commenters don’t disappoint. (
* WMUR’s James Pindell has been MIA since apologizing to Scott Brown for his debate question. (The news director didn’t respond to my Monday email.) ( | Silent on Twitter: (@JamesPindell)
* “What I did was horrible,” says Stephen Glass, “and then asking people to defend me was horrible.” (
* Read Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron‘s ICFJ awards dinner speech. (
* Reuters TV is targeting 30- to 40-year-old “realists” who “need to be in the know.” (
doobie* Washington Post blasts the FBI for impersonating reporters. ( | Jack Shafer: Why cops shouldn’t fake being reporters. (
* [Right] NY1’s Pat Kiernan gives “a slight edge” to the News cover. (@patkiernan)
* Matt Buchanan: “If there is a magazine worth paying for, it’s probably The New Yorker.” ( | New Yorker’s paywall returns. (
* “The New Yorker Presents” is coming to Amazon Instant Video. ( via @alexweprin)
* Washington Post finds “problematic” sourcing in five Fareed Zakaria columns. (
* OK, NewsOK: “Gallery of famous black men who only knock up white women.” (@McNeill_Tweets)
* Noted: The New York Times is not for sale. (
* Scripps shut down Knoxville alt-weekly Metro Pulse even though it wasn’t losing money. Was it because the paper was too edgy? (
* Andrew Golis on BuzzFeed as a listicle generator and a serious news outlet. (
* When Paul Krugman writes like a Chicago sportswriter. (
* “Sparkling prose” in the New York Times. (
* NPR’s been posting about two corrections a day. (
* The so-called “Selfie Stalker” sues Nancy Grace. (
* Yes, time flies. (Thanks, Sree.) (@sree)
* Tampa Tribune lays off political reporter William March. He’d been with the paper for 30 years. (