Morning Report for November 12, 2014

* Reuters sets a 400-word limit for non-exclusive spot news stories. (
* Milwaukee TV reporter Meghan Dwyer claims she “misspoke” when she said in an awards acceptance speech that public schools “suck” and are “horrible.” ( | From her Twitter profile: “Trying to make local news less embarrassing.”
customer* Orange County Register’s new publisher “invites” newsroom staffers to serve as customer-service reps for an hour a week. (
* Time to ban “reform” in news stories? (
* NPR interns share their phrases to avoid, including “there’s an app for that.” (
* Bill Wyman on Bill Cosby and the sexual assault allegations that interviewers never bring up. ( | Why are people still buying Cosby tickets? (
* Hugh Hefner says making Time’s cover in 1967 “was a big deal. …a very important moment in my life.” (
* Kurt Wagner: “We want to know what type of social network Twitter is.” (
* Someone didn’t see the memo about publicity-seeker Greg Packer. (@hadas_gold)
* Sean Hannity vs. Jon Stewart – again. (
* Coming soon to Quartz’s offices: A customized tune that plays on employees’ phones when they walk in the door. (
* Tampa Bay Times political editor praises the political reporter laid off by Tampa Tribune. (
* Foster’s Daily Democrat – in the Foster family for 143 years – is sold to Seacoast Media Group. (
* Well, some people are: “I’m not interested in reading, in The New Yorker, about bluegrass guitarists and that kind of shit.” (
* Oops! Fox News host Megyn Kelly introduces “Mike Fuckabee.” (
* He did? Headline says Obama called for “extreme Internet regulation.” (