Morning Report for November 18, 2014

* “Freelance labor has become like migrant labor in the United States,” says a journalist who works in war zones. (
* Uber exec Emil Michael says he regrets saying the company should dig up dirt on journalists. ( | Uber PR: “We have not, do not and will not investigate journalists.” ( | “Uber has an asshole problem.” (
* ProPublica and “Frontline” team up to investigate Firestone and warlord Charles Taylor. (
* “Vape” is the Word of the Year, according to the Oxford Dictionaries. (
* Baltimore’s mayor says she hasn’t watched much of “The Wire.” (
* Barbara Walters: “Retire when you feel you’re no longer being effective.” (@columbiajourn) | More from her talk at Columbia University: (@columbiajourn)
* Unity moves to “a leaner model of management” and ends its conventions. (
* Mike Reilley, founder of The Journalists’ Toolbox, is named director of ASU’s new Cronkite News – Digital Production Bureau. (
* Longtime Los Angeles Times film critic Charles Champlin dies at 88. (
* JOBS: Want to do “real journalism” at a Northwest weekly? Check out this opening: (Romenesko Jobs)
* Canadian Living, The Hockey News and other titles are sold in a $55 million deal. (
* Huffington Post CEO: “We saw very quickly that [celebrities are] a very appealing part of what we do” at HuffPost Live. (
* Let’s hope Joe Weisenthal doesn’t follow The Bloomberg Way. (