Make extra cash by running PR releases (‘Editors use this as a sort of fund-raiser’)

Dan Evans, editor of the Los Angeles Times-owned Times Community News, writes: “This is really weird. Not sure how common this is, but it would hurt my soul that ‘A lot of editors use this as a sort of fund-raiser for their publications.’change I mean, for what? A soda? A slice of pizza?

“I mean, my ink-stained heart maybe isn’t worth that much, but isn’t it worth more than $3 for a 200-word PR piece? I mean, c’mon. At least a fiver.”

I’ve asked Ashley Mitchell how many news outlets have taken money for running her firm’s articles.

Date: November 20, 2014 at 2:13:27 PM PST
From: Ashley Mitchell
To: Dan Evans
Subject: Cash for Clips

Hello Dan,

My name is Ashley Mitchell, and I am a Media Relations Specialist for NewsUSA, a media placement firm with 25 years experience placing quality articles for our clients with newspapers around the country.

I would like to interest you in our Cash for Clips program, where we will reward you a one-time $25.00 reward, just for publishing our articles! After this you will receive a payment for each time you publish them (you may use as many as you want and be paid for them individually!) A lot of editors use this as a sort of fund-raiser for their publications. You would be amazed at how much money you can make from our special promo!/CONTINUES

We offer a wide range of life-style-type categories (everything from home and garden, business and finance, health and wellness, travel and family and so much more in between) that are quality-written in Associated Press (AP) style.

The Cash for Clips payments are as follows:

· Snippets $.50 cents (76 words or less)

· 1-Column $1.00 (76-200 words)

· 2-Column $3.00 (Consists of 201 words or more).

Just confirm the articles have been published by sending us a PDF of the tear sheet; showing the date to:

To get started, you must first go to our website to register. There you will see a complete menu of articles you may select from. Feel free to read through them. All are quality-written, in standard AP style. But, before you can select any to publish, you must first get registered. Click on the blue tab that says “Register for our Print or Email Edition”. Fill-out and submit the registration form, then go back and choose whatever articles you want. That’s it! The only thing you have to do after this is to send PDF’s of your tear sheets showing the articles published and the date! Very simple!

Thank you, again, for allowing NewsUSA to provide you with additional quality content, for your already outstanding publication!

Take care, and please don’t hesitate to contact me at our media relations department at, should you have any questions or concerns.


Ashley Mitchell
Media Relations Specialist
NewsUSA, Inc.