Morning Report for November 25, 2014

* A Montana editor who was arrested at an accident scene reportedly told the trooper: “I’m the (expletive) editor of the local paper, you (expletive) arrest me, what a dumb (expletive) (expletive) move.” (
* Emily Bell: “We have to stop coverage of technology being about queuing for an iPhone and make it about society and power.” (
* Ferguson scenes captured by St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographers. ( | Post-Dispatch front page. ( | More front pages. (@glanzpiece)coffee
* [Right] “The Yeller” is just one of seven types of bosses who make our lives miserable. (
* Nikki Finke – “The Pythia of Hollywood” – makes Le Monde. (
* New York Times’ standards editor warns about Christmas cliches. ( | More cliches. (
* Kinsey Wilson is named New York Times editor for innovation and strategy. (
* Why we watch “The Newsroom”: “[The show’s] complete wrongness only serves to reinforce our own ‘correct’ beliefs.'” (
* Ex-Business Insider CTO Pax Dickinson seeks $25,000 to launch a site that investigates corrupt “prominent powerful media public figures.” (
* Halifax Chronicle Herald: “We’ve decided to publish the name of the [suicide] victim in this story, despite a court-ordered ban.” (
* Voice of San Diego celebrates ten years with a re-launch. (
* The AAN Awards will now have cash prizes, thanks to a couple of “alt-weekly legends.” (
* A citizen journalist’s iPhone is stolen while he’s livestreaming the Ferguson protests. (
* ICYMI from Ferguson: “Fuck CNN.” (
* Newspapers are dying in Ireland, too. (