Morning Report for December 1, 2014

* Bill Carter, who has covered TV for the New York Times for 25+ years, is taking a buyout. (
* Former Washington state Republican Party chairman Kirby Wilbur now teaches young journalists how to be objective. (
* A boom period for Washington Free Beacon and other conservative media. (
* Business reporters don’t know Black Friday’s sales figures. (
* David Carr: The Times is buying out veteran staffers and doing some disrupting from within. ( | Carr: Pundits predicting the demise of the Times are “dead fucking wrong.” ( | The Times has 1,300 newsroom staffers. (
vox* Vox Media raises $46.5 million and now has a valuation of about $380 million. ( | ( || One reaction: “I suspect the taste of content is going to get real bitter for venture capitalists within the next two years.” (@mattbuchanan)
* Vox Media vs. BuzzFeed. (
* ESPN gives Janay Rice a “sweet interview deal.” ( | “The Rices had a whole lot of leverage,” writes Brian Stelter. (
* John C. Dvorak sees podcasts as a threat to “conventional radio.” (
* Ex-Entertainment Weekly TV critic Ken Tucker joins Yahoo. (
* Prediction: All journalism will soon be mobile. (
* A straight male Montana student journalist tried to marry his straight male roommate because “people should see what discrimination looks like practically.” (
* Letter to the Guardian: “Allow me to raise my displeasure at a Guardian obituary about my father, Idi Amin.” (
* The best ads of 2014, according to Adweek. (
* People magazine is ready for Kirk Douglas to die. (