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Howard Stern said on his SiriusXM show Monday that the Sony hackers should be considered to be terrorists and what they did was “no different than a 9/11-type attack.” He wasn’t minimizing 9/11 or disrespecting victims – I listened to the show – but New York Daily News reporters David Boroff and Nancy Dillon took offense and went after Stern in today’s paper.

A hurt and angry Stern said on Tuesday’s show:

I’m really bummed out. …My heart sank; I’m being called an idiot on a full page in the Daily News by two reporters who aren’t even supposed to have an opinion. …You painted me to be this insensitive piece of garbage when I’m saying our country is under attack in many different ways.

This is two reporters trying to make me look like a goddamn moron, some sort of evil person. It’s just frightening. I wish you [Boroff and Dillon] ill. I truly do. Thanks for the hatchet job. They knew what I was saying. …They knew the point I was making. …I hope they have a really shitty Christmas.

He called the Daily News duo the C-word – the one that ends with T – and said they “kicked me in the nuts” and made him feel like he was back in high school again.

* Howard Stern likens Sony hack to terrorism (

Update: Stern said on Wednesday’s show that somebody sent him the first version of the article and “it was fine. I have no problem with it. …An editor changed it and the reporters [Boroff and Dillon] are livid.” Stern said he phoned Mort Zuckerman to complain, but the News owner hasn’t returned the call.

- Fourth graf of the story linked below

– Fourth graf of the Newsweek story linked below

Adam Cohen tells Romenesko readers he wanted to talk to David Cay Johnston off the record “to be sure my response would reflect the breadth and complexity of this issue.” He notes that “the international tax system can’t be summed up with a few short words.”

What would I have said to David Cay Johnston off the record?

Well, I would have explained that the UK’s headline corporate tax rate is 21%, not 28% as he claims. And UK effective tax rates likely will keep falling due to government policies, including new tax breaks for intellectual property. I would have explained that Google’s current effective tax rate is 20.4%, the majority of which is paid in the United States, where our business originated.

I would have explained that the US, unlike European countries, taxes its companies’ profits on a global basis. And I would have talked about the process underway at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to redesign the the global corporate tax system. The UK, the US, and many other countries are involved, because this isn’t just about Apple, Google, or the UK.

David Cay Johnston writes that companies are “siphoning profits out of high-tax countries in Europe, Japan and North America and moving them around under various tax treaties until they are not subject to any tax because they are being reported in a nonexistent country called Nowhere.” This simply doesn’t reflect the facts of our business or the amount of tax we pay — 20.4%.

* How Google and Apple make their taxes disappear (

* New: “More reporters should do what Johnston did” (


shirt2From Romenesko reader and journalism teacher Charlene Oldham:

Subject: St. Louis morning host interviews rabbi while wearing crucified Christ shirt. What is the story behind this?

Update: Morning host Kim Kelly Hudson explains her shirt: “I was promoting a Christian rapper who had an event that night for families affected by incarceration. No insult was intended. On our features talk show, I wear a shirt from a different organization or biz in the community everyday as part of our format.”

* Special Chanukah celebrations kick off at Chesterfield Mall (

My email to Bloomberg News:
“Is Jessica Pressler still joining Bloomberg News after being snookered by the high school student who claimed he made $72 million?

“Capital New York reported that she’s joining Bloomberg’s investigative unit; does Bloomberg have confidence in her investigative skills after this New York magazine fiasco?”

Bloomberg News spokesman Ty Trippet:
“Got your query passed to me. We’re declining to comment.”

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