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My memories of Gannett in 2014: Layoffs, the “Newsroom of the Future,” and reporters on the coffee, wine and beer beat.

The CEO’s memories of Gannett in 2014: Going on a “transformative journey and uncovering new ways to engage our audiences in today’s multi-media landscape.”

From: A message from [CEO] Gracia Martore
Sent: Friday, December 19, 2014 1:20 PM
To: Gannett Communications
Subject: Happy Holidays!

Dear Colleagues,

As we prepare to turn the calendar to 2015 and spend time with our loved ones, I want to thank you and express my deep appreciation for what you have accomplished in 2014. I am truly inspired by your efforts and what you have achieved this year.gan Because of your hard work, we have a positive impact every day on the people, businesses and communities that rely on our trusted products and services.

Your knowledge, experience and commitment to this company enable us to serve our markets exceptionally well as we fulfill our First Amendment responsibilities and support a free and vital press./CONTINUES Read More

Jessica Pressler was supposed to join Bloomberg News in January, but now she’s staying at New York magazine, reports Joe Pompeo.

Jessica Pressler

Jessica Pressler

New York editor Adam Moss tells his staff: “We feel very lucky to be keeping her on and look forward to publishing more of her with pride.”

On Tuesday, the day after Pressler’s story story about a millionaire high school trader was knocked down, I asked Bloomberg News if she’d still be joining its investigative unit. “We’re declining to comment,” said spokesman Ty Trippet. I called and emailed him again on Thursday and Friday, but he never responded.

Other Bloomberg employees have been talking to me (or emailing) in recent days, and they had guessed that Pressler wouldn’t be joining the company. One said that this not-very-Bloomberg-like tweet – “Taking an Uber because fuck all of you” – no doubt turned off the bosses.

But New York’s editor says that “Jessica has done extraordinary work for this magazine.” He call her pieces on Airbnb and Silicon Valley “two of the more incisive and gorgeously written magazine stories we, or anyone else, published this year.”

Update: Michael Calderone reports Bloomberg rescinded its offer to Pressler.

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I’m surprised any journalist would take what commenters might say into consideration when writing a story or blog post. But veteran editor Jane Pratt tells the New York Times Magazine:

I talk to my [xoJane] editors and writers a lot about how easy it is to get caught up in thinking about what the comments are going to be.

Jane Pratt via

Jane Pratt via

Writing that cautiously, at least for what we do, it really doesn’t work. You have to keep putting yourself out there and taking chances. You can let readers guide what you do, but not what you don’t do. …

My executive editor says nothing good happens after 250 comments. After that, she figures there’s nothing valid being said.

250?! Try 10.

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In the fine print (made larger here):

A Sunday conversation in a Miami kitchen:
Wife: “Honey, are you going to church with me this morning?”
Husband: “I can’t. I have to drive to the Miami Herald distribution center to pick up the paper so we don’t have to pay that darn 46-cents transportation fee.”

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