TV Tattle editor: ‘My time here at HitFix is up’

In April of 2013, Norman Weiss announced in a three-sentence blog post that he was killing his TV Tattle blog after 13 years.

Why? I asked at the time.

“Your post from a few weeks ago describes it,” he responded, referring to this Ad Age piece that I’d linked. “Banner ad revenue has dwindled so much that it no longer pays the bills.”
HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall was sorry to hear of TV Tattle’s demise – “a damn shame,” he tweeted – and Weiss eventually started blogging under HitFix’s roof.

“In the set-up of the arrangement,” says Sepinwall, “I was just the first point of contact because I was friendly with Norman from my Star-Ledger days; the idea to bring him in was [HitFix TV blogger] Dan Fienberg‘s, and HitFix management did the rest.”

The marriage lasted 20 months.

Weiss announced Tuesday morning that “my time here at Hitfix is up” and “the future of TV Tattle is to be determined.”

I’ve asked Weiss for more information and will post his response when/if it comes in.

Sepinwall tells me “those decisions [regarding TV Tattle] were made above my paygrade, so I don’t know the reasoning.” He suggested I contact HitFix co-founder Greg Ellwood to find out more; I’ve done that.

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