[UPDATED] Most of us know him as “Jeb” Bush, not John

A tipster writes:

In a routine announcement from real estate investment trust Rayonier Inc., the Reuters Bangalore bureau reported that one “John Bush” will resign from the company’s board, effective Dec. 31.

Thing is, “John Bush” is actually Jeb Bush, who is currently exploring a run for the American presidency. I’m told by a journalist at Reuters that U.S. editors tried to get the Bangalore bureau to issue a correction. But Bangalore refused, noting that Jeb’s full name is “John Ellis Jeb Bush” and that “John Bush” was not incorrect. I’m also told that a compromise was reached in which Bangalore will update the story to say that John is known as Jeb.

* John Bush resigns from Rayonier’s board (reuters.com)

Update: This version “corrects headline and first paragraph to change Bush’s first name to ‘Jeb’, the name he is best known by, from ‘John’, his given name.”