Promoting content on LinkedIn, and other things Poynter is going to teach Gannett

Poynter announced last month that it got a contract – its largest ever – to train thousands of Gannett journalists. Those employees will learn more about their Poynter training at a Tuesday Town Hall Webcast with CEO Gracia Martore. (This is the chain’s second newsroom-of-the-future training program.)
I was slipped a copy of the Poynter/Gannett course list and course descriptions, along with the various training certificates offered to Gannett employees. They include:

* Audience Analyst Certificate
* Community Content Editor Certificate
* Consumer Experience Director Certificate
* Content Coach Certificate
* Content Strategist Certificate
* Engagement Editor Certificate

A Poynter course designed for Gannett content coaches teaches “how you can conduct tough conversations with confidence”; engagement editors learn “how to find potential sources, break news stories and promote your content on LinkedIn”; and executive editors get advice on “how to tell investigative stories with dwindling resources.”

You can check out the full course course list here.