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Good job, University of Oklahoma student journalists!

* Student paper vs. Jack White ( | (
* Jack White demands homemade guacamole in his dressing room (
* Jack White concert costs OU over $80,000 (
* “Jack White is a thin-skinned asshole” (
* Read comments about homemade guacamole and band contracts (

New: Entertainment firm blacklists OU because of White articles (


* Michael Vedvik death notice in Thursday’s Spokesman-Review (
* Vedvik had a heart attack just hours after his team’s loss (

Earlier: Disappointment with KC Chiefs contributes to man’s death (

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judymillerI can’t wait until this comes out.

Judith Miller’s publisher describes “The Story,” which hits stores on April 7:

She turns her journalistic skills on herself and her controversial reporting which marshaled evidence that led America to invade Iraq. She writes about the mistakes she and others made on the existence in Iraq of weapons of mass destruction. She addresses the motives of some of her sources, including the notorious Iraqi Chalabi and the CIA.

She describes going to jail to protect her sources in the Scooter Libby investigation of the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame and how the Times subsequently abandoned her after twenty-eight years.

* “The Story: A Reporter’s Journey,” by Judith Miller (


Just days before getting this honor, John Adams told his Gannett-owned newspaper that he wouldn’t be applying for one of its “newsroom of the future” jobs.

Adams, who plans to freelance, tells Aaron Flint of The Flint Report:

As you may or may not have heard, Gannett is in the process of restructuring its newsrooms throughout the U.S.

John S. Adams

John S. Adams

As a part of that restructuring process, they have eliminated many job titles and created new positions in the newsroom. Under this restructuring process there is no longer a Tribune capital bureau chief. The new title is “state capital columnist,” and it comes with a much different job description than the one I applied for back in 2007 when I was recruited for this job.

Everyone in the newsroom was required to reapply for one of the new positions. You could apply for up to two positions. If you did not apply, or if you applied but were not successful, then you would be laid-off. …

After serious thought and consideration I opted not to apply for any of the positions. I have been very happy in my role as the capital bureau chief for the Great Falls Tribune and would have liked to have continued in that role, but I did not feel any of the available openings in the Tribune’s new “newsroom of the future” were a good fit for me.

Update — Adams tells Romenesko readers: “Since Aaron Flint broke the news on his blog yesterday I have received many encouraging emails, text messages and phone calls from current and former colleagues, sources, and friends. The response has been humbling and energizing.”

He adds that his departure “is amicable” and “I have nothing but respect for my colleagues and managers.”

What’s next? “I’ve had conversations with several people about how I might continue my journalism career in Montana, but so far they’re just conversations. I’d like to make a go of it as an independent freelance writer if possible and hope there are enough people interested in my reporting to want to support it. I don’t intend to quit writing about people and issues of importance to Montanans.”

* John S. Adams is leaving the Great Falls Tribune (
* Earlier: Worcester paper invites reporter to stay, but he resigns over cuts (

Remember the time Brian Williams rode shotgun with O.J.?
* Photoshop fun with Brian Williams and his fabricated helicopter attack tale. (
* How the “NBC Nightly News” anchor’s story changed over the years. ( | “A rare black mark for Williams.” (
* “This is not fatal,” TV analyst Andrew Tyndall says of Williams’ so-called misremembering, “but it’s really bad.” ( | “It’s hard to see how Williams gets past this,” says Rem Rieder. (
* “Did you think you would die” in the attack? Alec Baldwin asked Williams in 2013. “Briefly, sure,” the anchor said. (
* Alan Rusbridger‘s successor at The Guardian will probably be a woman. (
* Twitter CEO admits the company gets an “F” for fighting trolls. (
* Bill Carter‘s first post-NYT piece is about covering Lorne Michaels and “Saturday Night Live.” (
* “People say I should send @romenesko my ‘Then/Now’ journalism cartoons.” (No need to send them; I saw the tweet.) (@thekevinwalters)
* FYI: NPR has adjusted its pronunciation for the word “Argentine.” (
* “Writing about the boss is always dicey,” notes the Civil Beat reporter who examined Pierre Omidyar‘s philanthropy. (
* Coca-Cola isn’t happy with Gawker for what it did to #MakeItHappy. (
* Slate plans more live events around its ten podcasts. (
* The co-host of “Philosophy Talk” radio show insists that “philosophy is much more interesting than cars.” ( | Listen to archived “Philosophy Talk” shows: (
* Detroit’s WXYZ-TV admits its TransAsia Airways post was “terribly worded.” (
* [Right] You see -30- (end of story) when you walk out of the Los Angeles Times building. (Photo: Brian Stelter) (@brianstelter)
* Struggling Say Media sells ReadWrite to Wearable World. (
* University of Missouri names its four journalism school dean finalists. (