Gannett Broadcasting employees are told to keep their yaps shut about Brian Williams

- Ad from The Week issue dated February 6

This ad appeared in the February 6 issue of The Week (h/t Aileen Cole). The copy reads:

“Some battle scars are worn on the inside. And for anyone who’s been there, there’s a secret. It doesn’t harden you. It makes you more human./He’s been there. He’ll be there.”


Gannett Broadcasting recruiting director Patti Dennis tells her colleagues:

From: Dennis, Patti
Date: February 11, 2015 at 6:01:34 AM PST
To: Gannett Broadcast News Directors
Subject: Brian Williams

Please be aware no one should be talking to the press about NBC’s decision. [Gannett Broadcasting president] Dave Lougee and [corporate communications veep] Jeremy Gaines are the only ones to address this outside of our organizations. Please refer all inquiries to Dave Lougee.

Please make sure your staff knows. Also, be very thoughtful with posts and tweets.

Patti Dennis
VP News

* Michael Wolff: “Don’t just sideline Williams, sideline the whole evening-news conceit” (