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* UNC-Duke rivalry explained ( | Today’s page one (

Update: Duke 92 UNC 90 in overtime (

Neil Budde, executive editor of Gannett’s Louisville Courier-Journal, tells readers this morning that his journalists have to reapply for new newsroom jobs. He writes:

Recently, we stepped back and asked ourselves, “If we were starting today, with a certain number of reporters, what subjects would we cover to meet the needs of our community? How should we approach coverage of those subjects?”

The result of that exercise was a revamped set of “beats” for news and sports. It’s actually a few more beats than we’ve had in recent years.

“You’ll see a common theme” in the new job descriptions, writes the tipster who sent me the C-J list of new beats. “Most are designed for our new target audiences: ‘young achievers, young families and food enthusiasts.'”

The word “younger” appears nine times in the job descriptions and, by my count, “young” shows up 36 times.

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That’s Loudoun Times-Mirror reporter Trevor Baratko just above the model’s legs.

* How’s that for ad placement? ( | PDF of the page (

* New York Times reporter James Risen calls the Obama administration “the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation.” (
* Allison Williams‘ publicist: “We request that no questions about her personal life be asked.” So nothing about her suspended anchor-dad? ( | Brian Williams on the cover of today’s New York Post. (
* A Gawker investigation finds “the suspended anchorman is still welcome at some of New York’s best establishments.” (
* A ratings win for Lester Holt and “NBC Nightly News.” (@stevebattaglio)
* 52% say Williams should be allowed back on “Nightly News.” (
* Mika Brzezinski gets her own female-focused half-hour on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” (
* Tears and laughs at David Carr‘s funeral. (
* Jon Stewart‘s next act won’t be on CNN or NBC News. (
* New York Times reconsiders the NYT Now app subscription model. ( | (
* Henderson (NV) city employees will be fired if they’re caught talking to Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Eric Hartley. (
* Patrick Gavin‘s “Nerd Prom” documentary comes out April 10. (
* Blogs “aren’t dying, but they are significantly declining. 2015 might be a rough year.” (
* Former Fortune editor Andy Serwer is named Yahoo Finance editor-in-chief. ( | (
* Gannett’s Louisville Courier-Journal makes staffers apply for new newsroom jobs. “This isn’t as radical as it might sound,” the editor tells readers. He doesn’t disclose that longtime C-J Washington bureau reporter Jim Carroll was laid off. ( | (@howardfineman)
* John Oliver‘s HBO show is renewed for two more seasons. (
* UK’s Daily Telegraph edits stories to avoid angering advertisers, says a former columnist. ( | (
* Bloomberg Media ad campaign targets “leaders of the new economy.” (
* Gawker Media’s to-do list: An app and more video offerings. ( | (
* A classier Maxim magazine hits newsstands today. (