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These images tweeted this morning by @BustedCoverage give the impression that Cleveland’s Fox 8 was deceiving viewers with reporter Melissa Reid’s “outdoor” segment.

“She should get suspended for lying to everyone,” an outraged @runningwolf1978 wrote.

“That’s infuriating,” said Mr. Gary Cooper.

Actually, it’s not – if you know the whole story.

Watch this 31-second video clip and you’ll see that the station and its pregnant reporter let viewers in on the joke.

Reid tweets: FYI: “I clearly address I’m in a green screen, not in Rome, but in the studio.”

Fox 8 did have a legitimate PR crisis to deal with today, though, after one of its on-air personalities talked about the Oscars’ “jigaboo” music in front of a black colleague. “I had no idea it was a word or what it meant,” she later said.

* Fox 8th Melissa Reid looks chilly here, but… (@bustedcoverage)
* Reid and colleagues disclose the reporter was in the studio (
* Fox 8 anchor calls Lady Gaga’s music “jigaboo” (

“Nobody is the same after being interviewed by @karaswisher”
– Jack Shafer tweet from February 13

I finally got around to listening to Jack Shafer on the Longform podcast that was posted earlier this month. Here’s the Politico media writer and former Washington City Paper editor talking to Max Linsky about hiring journalists:

You make mistakes. I’ve hired people I shouldn’t have hired, and then what you try to do is either reform them, reform yourself, or rectify the error and tell them to leave.

Jack Shafer

Jack Shafer

I mean, there are writers who came to me – I’ll give you a great example: I hired [at Washington City Paper], fresh out of college, Kara Swisher. And Kara Swisher I hired basically because she’s a dynamo, she’s unstoppable – just a force of nature.

But it wasn’t the right time for her. She didn’t embrace stories about conflict, her writing wasn’t particularly good, her editing wasn’t particularly good, and we agreed to part after I think it was six or eight months. But she got right back into the game. [He describes her successes after leaving City Paper.] … Maybe I should have given Kara another two months and I would have been able to harness this dynamo. So you make mistakes all the time. You think somebody doesn’t have it. You send them back to the minors, or you put them on waivers, and then they go succeed someplace else.

* Longform Podcast #128: Jack Shafer (


From Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s fundraising letter:

* Scott Walker tries to turn controversy into cash (
* Spokeswoman: Walker isn’t going to respond to media’s “gotcha” questions (
* Wisconsin State Journal has a “Tracking Scott Walker” page (

Also: Walker took a selfie at the WH and Twitter hated it (


My first thought after seeing this reader-submitted screenshot was: Some prankster must have altered the headline to remove the second E. But no, that’s how it currently reads on (Here’s a cache of version #1 in case they correct the error. UPDATE: They’ve fixed it.)

* Students are hoping to spell “victory” in Spelling Be [sic] (

A St. Paul Pioneer Press police reporter tweeted on Sunday:

I asked Kristi Belcamino to tell us more, and she replied:

My editor asked me to go to the mall and see what it was like after the warnings from Homeland Security after the al-Shabaab video was released.

Along with interviewing mall visitors, we wanted to talk to someone in the security office or the mall spokesperson. We were having a hard time getting in touch with anyone at the mall by phone so my first stop was at an information desk near an entrance.

I asked the woman where the security office was. She said she would call security and someone would come down and talk to me right there. She called and told them a reporter from the Pioneer Press was interested in talking to them. She frowned at what they were saying and hung up the phone.

“They said you aren’t supposed to be here today. They are sending someone down here to escort you out.”

I told her I wasn’t waiting around to get kicked out and took off toward the center of the mall, taking off my jacket and scarf in case she described me. I spent the next hour talking to people for my story without any problems and headed back to the newsroom.

Here’s Belcamino’s story from Monday’s Pioneer Press.

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* SPONSORED: Northeastern University’s Media Innovation Program takes a unique approach to journalism education. (
* Maryland governor’s lawyer advises that all correspondence to the state’s leader be stamped: “CONFIDENTIAL, FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY – PROTECTED BY EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE.” (
* “We’re looking to diversify, we’re looking to grow into areas that we aren’t now,” says Crain’s Chicago Business publisher. (
* An editor at the Florence (SC) Morning News apologizes for allowing a “careless” letter to be published. (