blasted for reprinting journalist’s award-winning editorial days after firing him

February 23: “My husband, Joey Kennedy, was fired by Alabama Media Group on Thursday. …He had been with the Birmingham News/AMG almost 34 years. He won a Pulitzer Prize and was in the top three for a Pulitzer two other times.” (

March 1: Alabama Media Group/Birmingham News starts running a Pulitzer Prize-winning series of columns from 1990 examining tax system. Kennedy co-authored them. (

One of the many comments criticizing


Michelle Holmes, vice-president of content, writes in an email:

We began in November to plan an op-ed series that would pair archival Birmingham News editorials on Alabama’s tax structure with contemporary commentary from researchers and advocates in an attempt to define how little has changed, and to speculate on the reasons for Alabama’s lack of progress.

The series was timed to begin the Sunday before the legislature begins its 2015 session — one with substantive tax issues on the table. The reasons and timing around personnel decisions are confidential, as all employees would wish in a matter involving them.

* revisits a 1991 Pulitzer-winning series (
* “We may never know why AMG gave Joey Kennedy the boot, but…” (