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- From Tuesday's Poplar Bluff (MO) Daily American Republic

– From Tuesday’s Poplar Bluff (MO) Daily American Republic

The quote is from Poplar Bluff (Missouri) city manager Heath Kaplan, and reported (behind a paywall) in today’s Daily American Republic.

Sports editor Brian Rosener tells Romenesko readers:

The reporter at the meeting was not Dave Silverberg. It was Donna Farley and it’s not not the first time Mr. Kaplan has called her out in open meeting, saying she is “unprofessional” numerous times. Having worked with her for 10-plus years, she’s very professional and very much human.

The city manager got one thing right, Dave is probably the most human person in the newsroom, even after nearly 50 years in the business.

It’s a long story, but basically the city manager (who is hired by the council) does not like the paper’s reporting because it raised questions about his spending since he was hired over the summer.

* Poplar Bluff city council meetings on YouTube

Update: The man who behaved badly, then apologized, after not getting his table for 12 at the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club is top Swedish diplomat Jorgen Halldin. He tells the South China Morning Post: “There is never an excuse for being upset, and I regret this deeply. I have the highest regard for the FCC, of which I have been a member for about a year, and this was a highly unfortunate incident.”


Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club members have been advised to behave themselves.

“We’re not yet in the business of chopping hands off miscreants,” says the president’s memo. “And nobody wants to turn the Bar into a hushed library. But times change, and what might have been permissible three or four decades ago has no place in the Club today.”
After one member couldn’t immediately get a table for his party of 12, “he insulted staff during a loud tirade, and cut up his membership card in disgust. To which all we can say is: good riddance.”

My tipster reports the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club membership is a mix of journalists and “business/diplomatic/lawyer types” and “so it’s unclear who is being the douchebag in the incidents described below.”

From: FCC [Foreign Correspondents’ Club]
Sent: Monday, March 2, 2015 1:54 PM
Subject: FCC: Club Announcement – From the President

28 February 2015


The Board of Governors draws members’ attention to the following column “From the President”, appearing in the forthcoming edition of the Correspondent magazine, regarding standards of behaviour expected from all at the Club.

Very few places in Hong Kong can rival the electric atmosphere that prevails when our Main Bar is packed and buzzing with the hum of spirited debate, lively repartee and old friends catching up. Unfortunately, more than once on recent occasion, that atmosphere was soured for some by the antics of others, and the Board was forced to step in./CONTINUES Read More

* Details of StarNews layoffs not disclosed (

Newspaper downsizing continues.

I’m getting multiple reports of layoffs today at GateHouse papers that were formerly owned by Halifax Media, including the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

My readers say the Sarasota paper is losing several veterans, including sportswriter John Brockmann. He’s been with the paper for 54 years.

What do you know? Email me at I’ll protect you, of course.

UPDATES from GateHouse employees (and a spouse):

We were told today that layoffs had occurred at our property. We were told that at the beginning of 2015, after Gatehouse purchased us, we were given a target revenue number. If we failed to meet that number a reduction of staff–read layoffs-would happen.

What we were not told is that Gatehouse CEO Kirk Davis was awarded on Feb. 24 a cash bonus of $400,000 plus 43,592 shares of Gatehouse stock payable on Mar. 2, one day before the layoffs.

Gatehouse stock closed today above $24 per share. Davis caught a nifty $1,046,000 stock windfall.

The Ocala Star Banner also lost their receptionist, obits desk staffer, a creative team member, and press room supervisor; the Gainesville Sun also lost a creative team member and a circulation coordinator on top of what you listed in your story.

Layoffs announced today at The Ledger in Lakeland:

Photo chief and two other photographers
Longtime sports reporter
Courts reporter
Assistant metro editor
Cops reporter
Winter Haven bureau reporter


- Credit: Rylan Boggs

(Photo: Rylan Boggs)

Courtney Anderson, a news editor at the Montana Kaimin, tells me the sign hacker hasn’t been caught, but the paper has leads. Here’s the front page of today’s Kaimin print edition. (Thanks to Courtney for sending it.)

* Sign hack promotes blazing (

* Washington correspondent Jeff Zeleny quits ABC News for CNN. ( | “Can’t wait to join the team.” (@jeffzeleny)
* After panning a play about graffiti, Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times theater critics are called “old white people” working for “dying papers” who “don’t want to celebrate stories about youth culture who have been systematically denied agency.” (
* Baltimore Sun cartoonist KAL wins the 2015 Herblock Prize. ( (@jeffzeleny)new
* [RIGHT] New Mexico residents have fun with New York Times Magazine’s map mistake. ( | (@RebeccaHLatham) | (@NewMexico)
* New York Observer editor Ken Kurson says his pro-Kremlin writer provides “compelling content.” Eyebrow-raising: “Mikhail Klikushin … has no online presence — in English or Russian — beyond the stories he has written for the Observer.” (
* Blair Anthony Robertson is no longer reviewing restaurants for the Sacramento Bee. ( | Earlier: Robertson on being critical vs. being mean. (
* Ombud: NPR did not interview Will Forte in exchange for ads – er, underwriting – promoting his new Fox comedy series. (
* March Madness fun: PBS vs. NPR. (
* Andrew Lack is in talks to return to NBC News. ( | (
* Publishers Weekly’s Bookstore of the Year finalists have been announced. (
* WWBS (What Would Ben Say?): I love how Sally Quinn doesn’t have a problem with Bill O’Reilly‘s “totally selective” memory of events. (
* Journalism students videotape a message to their “favorite anchormen,” O’Reilly and Brian Williams. (
* Two Springfield (IL) TV newsmen lose their jobs over a fight at Hooters. (
* Providence Journal building is close to being sold. (
* Noted: The word “swath” appears hundreds of times a year in the New York Times. (
* “My nominee for headline of the day,” writes Romenesko reader Paul Murray, “is from a Wall Street Journal blog”: (