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* Marvin Kalb doubts Brian Williams will return to NBC’s anchor chair. (
* Samantha Bee quits “The Daily Show” to do a TBS series. (
* GlobalPost wants to hire an editor and a correspondent with Kickstarter donations. (
* [RIGHT] “I’m hopeful about the newspaper business,” says the Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rosenthal. (Photo: Jeff Miller) (
* Reader to MountainXpress weekly: Your stories about supernatural abilities are either important scientific developments or complete bullshit; tell readers which one. (
* Tom Brokaw‘s new pen pal is author Ann Patchett. (
* Eyebrows are raised when an Arizona newspaper publisher accepts Bob Seger concert tickets from the mayor … as a reward for sitting on a government board, too. (
* Lisa Rossi leaves American Journalism to become a storytelling coach at the Des Moines Register. (
* A 78-year-old Joliet (IL) newspaper reporter is accused of starting a sex “cult.” (
* The controversial publisher of SaintPetersBlog launches Influence, a quarterly magazine. (
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USC Annenberg announced in late February that its 20,000-square-foot media center would be named after Les Moonves and Julie Chen. The CBS power couple gave a “generous gift” to the school, but that amount was never disclosed. I’m told the figure that’s being whispered around USC Annenberg is $2 million to $2.5 million; some faculty and staff are calling that a bargain.

“Everyone says it seems like a pretty low number,” my source says. Some at the school figured the media center naming rights would go for at least $10 million.

I told USC Annenberg’s spokesperson about the $2 million figure that’s circulating, and she said the school “is not discussing details of the gift.”

* Media center named Julie Chen/Leslie Moonves and CBS Media Center (

Sorry, but Time’s Joel Stein isn’t available (Jason is, though)

* A journalism prof has San Quentin inmates write their own obits. “I did it as a way to find out how these guys had reconciled their crimes,” says William Drummond. “Were they able to take a critical look at what got them in trouble?” (
* Bravo! A subpoena from the New Brunswick (NJ) ethics board tells a local editor not to share his recordings of board meetings. He responds by posting the video for all to see. ( | The ethics board attorney is a real asshat. (@bamara144)next
* EducationNext’s cover is called “racist” and “dishonest.” (
* Expect to see this Delta “crash-land” passenger on several newscasts tonight. (@JaimePrimak)
* John Koblin gets the TV beat at the New York Times while Sydney Ember will cover the ad industry. ( | (
* Bill Brink, the Times’ new media editor, is “simultaneously the nicest guy in the building and a tough, unflappable editor,” says Brian Stelter. (@brianstelter)
* Hillary Clinton is still scheduled to headline the Toner Prize Celebration this month – and at no charge. (
* From Pew’s latest report: Denver and Macon residents are almost twice as likely to get information from local TV news than the daily paper. (
* Gannett newspapers boss Robert Dickey acquires 82,285 shares of the Gannett stock for $0. (
* World Press Photo strips Giovanni Troilo of his first-place award for misrepresenting an image. (
* Tribune Publishing CEO Jack Griffin says “the lifeblood [of the operation] is content.” (
* Report: Apple is working on a larger iPad and a smaller MacBook Air. (
* WORK HERE: Colorado Independent is looking for an associate editor. (Romenesko Jobs)
* Ignore the media reports; there’s nothing new with Edward Snowden. (
* Young ad agency employee: “I’m sick of older bosses saying ‘millennial’ as an excuse to do stupid shit.” (
* Salman Rushdie is joining the NYU’s journalism faculty next semester. (
* City and Regional Magazines Association awards finalists are announced. (
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- From today's Financial Times (h/t Ethan Epstein)

– From today’s Financial Times (h/t Ethan Epstein)

They’re song lyrics, for cripes’ sake! Nobody’s going to complain.

* Jay-Z faces growing opposition over Swedish music bid (
* Lyrics: “I got ninety nine problems but a bitch ain’t one” (

New: “How did they report on the Westminster Dog Show?” and other comments (