Report: Eight journalists to lose jobs at McClatchy Publishing Center in Charlotte

The 40 or so staffers at the McClatchy Publishing Center in Charlotte have been told they have to reapply for their jobs and that eight people will be let go. Employees find out on March 23 if they stay with the company. (The publishing center journalists handle copy-editing duties for the Charlotte Observer, Raleigh News & Observer, and the Rock Hill Herald.)
“Consolidated operations are easily maligned, especially when bad mistakes make it to print,” writes one of my tipsters, “but these people already shoulder an immense burden. I can’t fathom how they’ll keep up after the staff is further reduced. They deserve better.”

A second source writes: “Knowledge of social media will be a plus during this ‘eval/re-hire’ process, as will editing video.” Employees will be judged in part on this digital skills survey.

The source continues: “They had called copy editors ‘universal editors’ in the past. Now, they will be called “digital specialists.’ Meetings/evals have already started. Once finished, they’ll make the announcements [on March 23] and those who don’t make the cut will have to work for a period of time to get their severance.”

* Digital skills survey
* Team leader job description
* Digital specialist job description