Garrison Keillor is worried about the state of journalism and his hometown newspaper

“I worry about the future of democracy as journalism diminishes,” says Garrison Keillor. “How will citizens exercise their right to vote if nobody is trying to ferret out the truth about the workings of government? I live in St. Paul, a city with a dying newspaper. What happens when it [the Pioneer Press] fades?”

Credit: Claudia Danielson

Credit: Claudia Danielson

The author and “Prairie Home Companion” host also tells Charleston City Paper’s Elizabeth Pandolfi:

I advise young writers to see to their health, to sidestep the greasy fingers of alcohol and narcotics, to get out of the house, to be playful in their work. A writer is someone who writes, actually writes, not merely one who plans to write, so it’s good to fashion strong habits. Two hours a day, every day, same time if possible, will get you a lot. Sometimes you have to throw away weeks’ worth of work, which feels bad, but still, something is gained. Be funny, if you can. It’s a real service.

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