Howard Stern praises ‘accurate’ Businessweek article, complains about mention of his hours

Howard Stern opened his Monday show with a critique of the Bloomberg Businessweek cover story, “Sirius, We Have a Problem. He called it “a very nice article,” “a very honest piece” that “was all accurate.” (He didn’t cooperate with the author, Felix Gillette.)


Stern said this morning that the magazine had reported he “got a great deal” from SiriusXM because “he only works three days a week.” In fact, Gillette simply wrote: “He anchors four hours of morning radio three days a week,” and left it at that.

That one sentence apparently still irked Stern.

“I was thinking about that whole three-days-a-week thing,” he told his listeners. “Take Letterman, Kelly Ripa or Ellen DeGeneres – any of these shows – they do an hour show. They work an hour a day, and I know they’d say the same thing I do: I don’t work just an hour a day; I have to do a lot of homework and prep.

“So we do four hours a day. We essentially in one day do what they [Letterman and others] do in a week. So we’re doing 12 hours a week, they’re doing five hours a week and we get blasted. …Why is the world consumed with how many days I work?” (Businessweek certainly wasn’t.)

He added that “the truth is I don’t know what I’m going to do” when the current SiriusXM contract expires at the end of the year. “If Sirius came to me and said, ‘Here’s a really compelling deal,’ I’d sign tomorrow. I just haven’t heard that compelling deal. Honestly.”

Stern on his “dream job” offer

I hope this isn’t misperceived, because I’m not sitting here negotiating at all – I really am not – but I’ve got so many offers on the fucking table about what I’m going to do with the next five years of my life. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to do anything, and then there’s a part of me that wants to grab every one of these opportunities.

My agent called me with an opportunity that is so mind-blowing – like, it would be the dream job of all time for me. It would be my dream job; it really would.

Stern didn’t spill the beans, but when pressed he joked that he was offered the “Fashion Police” host job.

But the temptation to stop working is strong.

“This morning the alarm went off and I said to my wife, Why am I doing this now? I mean, what is the compulsion here? I like being home, I like painting, I like listening to music. I like no stress. Like even a podcast would be too much stress for me. Honestly, because I would stress out about it just as much.”

* Can SiriusXM survive without Howard Stern? (