Morning Report for March 17, 2015

* Memo to USA Today: Nobody wants to discuss race with a Starbucks barista while getting morning coffee. (And have you ever seen the lines at SBUX stores? The goal is to keep them moving. Why are you promoting this Howard Schultz PR stunt?) (
* “There’s nothing a kid [barista] just trying to put himself through school wants more than to engage caffeine-starved rich people in fraught social discourse.” (
* New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet returns to New Orleans to talk about his newspaper career. ( | ( | (
* Ex-AP reporter Terry Anderson: “In the last 30 years, I have rarely remembered the anniversary of my kidnapping or my release. What usually happens is one of my friends sends me a greeting on Facebook, ‘It’s the anniversary of your kidnapping’ and saying congratulations or something like that.” (
* Redskins execs order ESPN 980 radio to cancel the debut of “The Man Cave,” co-hosted by former Washington Post columnist Jason Reid. ( | February 20, 2015: Reid leaves the Post to co-host “The Man Cave.” (
* New York Times reporter Charles Bagli saw “The Jinx” finale long before it aired – but under an embargo. (
* Jeff Jarvis says editors “don’t know what to do with a mangy beast such as me.” (
* Apollo Global Management is expect to get Digital First Media’s 75 daily newspapers and 100 non-dailies. (
* New York Times headline from 1911: “Irishmen parade without silk hats.” (@NYTArchives)
* Colorado loses one of its best political reporters as Eli Stokols joins Politico. (
* McClatchy Publishing Center aims to cut costs by 20%. (
* Oh, darn! Hearst’s sushi chef is not jumping to Conde Nast. (
* A new Tumblr features bad Kindle book covers. (Kindle Cover Disasters) | Earlier: A “terrific” cover boosts sales of Dick Babcock‘s Kindle Single. (