Denver Post has the best farewell cakes


A Denver Post photojournalist is so upset about assistant managing editor/photo-multimedia Tim Rasmussen leaving the paper to become digital photo editor at the nation’s largest sports media outlet that he presented the boss with a “FUCK ESPN” goodbye cake.yew The cake on the right was presented to copy editors laid off by the Denver paper in 2012.

Update — Rasmussen tells Romenesko readers: “Here [above] is the cake picture. It was given with love by [Post photojournalist] RJ Sangosti, who was extremely upset by my leaving. I had said in our staff meeting, I did not want cake in the newsroom, I’ve seen way too many cakes in the newsroom over the past 15 years, so this cake was in my office the next morning.”

New — Michael Parnell writes: “The misspelled cake is a staple for departing editors [at the Fermandina Beach News-Leader]. Attached is one we gave colleague Sian Perry, who left earlier this month as assistant editor of the News-Leader in Fernandina Beach, Fla., for a copy editor’s job with the Virgin Islands Daily News. Note the newspaper in the beach chair.” | Here’s the cake.

* A “Fuck ESPN” cake for departing Post staffer Tim Rasmussen (
* 2012: Rasmussen’s drive for excellence results in Pulitzers (
* 2012: No copy editors had a hand in decorating this cake (

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