Morning Report for March 19, 2015

* Desplaines Valley News, owned by an Illinois lawmaker, is accused of plagiarism. (
* Michael Oreskes leaves the Associated Press to become NPR editorial director and senior vice president for news. (
* A body was found Wednesday in the Passaic River, not far from where Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird went missing. His family is waiting for more information. (
* Jill Abramson, who turns 61 today, “was spotted Tuesday night, riding the downtown E train,mitra wearing purple sneakers and looking thoughtful, clutching a well-worn composition book with the words ‘New York Times’ handwritten on the front.” (
* Quartz’s Mitra Kalita (right) is named Los Angeles Times managing editor for editorial strategy. ( | “A female (!)” (
* New York Times is adding 20 online opinion writers. (
* Kendall Jenner accuses US Weekly of making up quotes. (
* More byline fun: Times reporter Michael Wines writes about a vineyard dispute. (
* An NBCUniversal “insider” tells Dylan Byers that the current MSNBC lineup is “a death wish.” (
* The phrase “vast majority” was heard on NPR 202 times in the past year. “That’s a problem,” says the ombud. (
* So much for “Don’t do evil”: Google joins the effort to kill Obamacare. (
* SPONSORED: The National Press Club Journalism Awards entry deadline is April 1. (
* Google disables ads on over Abu Ghraib abuse photos that have been on the site for years. (
* A “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” fan rings up C-SPAN. (