Morning Report for March 26, 2015

* A Colorado Springs Gazette reporter says of her paper’s editorial board-written anti-marijuana series: “I wish that it had been labeled [as an opinion package] more clearly than what it was, especially online … I thought that there was a lack of transparency with that element.” (
images* How the New York Times keeps ads off stories about tragedies. (
* Uber and Lyft are blamed for the demise of Carriage News, a 45-year-old publication for Boston taxi drivers. (
* “There will always be a willing media outlet for [Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz‘s] latest campaign.” (It will most likely be USA Today, the SBUX PR department’s favorite publication.) (
* No surprise that Facebook “will continue to creep into new and unexpected areas of our lives, like customer service.” (
* Jay Mariotti, who recently joined the San Francisco Examiner, writes: “I’m ready to put out a cool sports section in a wonderful part of the world.” (
bogus* Daily Penn’s joke issue fools many. (Media outlets ran the Emma Watson story on the right as real news.) (
* Twitter reportedly paid $100 million for interactive video app Periscope. “Worth every penny,” writes Mat Honan. “It’s completely fantastic.” (
* Creators puts Ben Carson‘s syndicated column on hold. (
* The White House briefing room seating chart has been updated and now includes Buzzfeed and Al Jazeera. (
* Winners of the 2015 ASNE Awards for distinguished writing and photography have been named. Los Angeles Times wins two of the nine awards. (
* The $25,000 Michael Kelly Award finalists have been announced. (
* St. Louis alt-weekly Riverfront Times is sold to Cleveland-based Euclid Media Group, which now owns six papers. (