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USA Today is snookered by this thingamajig…

Then says we should rely on them to tell us what’s real news…

* USA Today reports the “selfie shoe” is a real product (
* Would prefer a “how many times did our reporter got fooled” video over Snapchat (@michaelroston)

- via @dreamwdeadline

– via @dreamwdeadline

* An apology to readers ( | I tried to warn you! (@romenesko)
* UVA newspaper satirizes black student’s arrest (
* Read comments from the Cavalier Daily’s Facebook page

New: Everybody move to the back of the bus (cached)


How many companies have tried to prank you today? I asked Ray Hennessey.

“So far none. They seem to be getting the message.”

* Try to prank us on April Fools’ and you’re banned! (

“Worst newspaper auto-play video of all time?” asks a Romenesko reader who requests anonymity. “I think you share my disdain for auto-play videos of all sorts…[I do] but this one [on the Clarion-Ledger website] has got to take the cake.

“Want to read a very sensible statement from the parents of a kid who was caught on video biting the head off a live hamster in some sort of drunken spring break stunt? OK… but you’ve got to watch him do it first!” [Actually, the video plays while you’re reading the letter.]

* Text of family statement on hamster video incident (
* Earlier (with auto-play video): Teen who bit off head of hamster withdrawn from Ole Miss (

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette hopes to make a few bucks from the “religious freedom” controversy.

The paper is inviting businesses to pay $135 for an ad in this Sunday’s paper that lets people know “We Serve Everybody.”
Paul Demaree, owner of the Firefly Coffee House, passed on the offer. “While we are disgusted by this law,” he writes on Facebook, “we do not feel comfortable with the idea of having to pay to state what we have always been.”

He added in a phone interview this morning: “We don’t do any advertising. We can’t afford it . It’s a coffee house.”

Demaree, who has been in business for 16 years, repeated to me what he posted on Facebook: “We feel that maybe those businesses who wish to discriminate ought to have to put signs on their doors stating their support of this draconian law and then list the requirements for being able to be served.”

Deb Hess, the newspaper’s local display ad sales manager, forwarded my call to the Fort Wayne Newspapers business office when I asked how many retailers were paying for the “We Serve Everybody” ads. I got voicemail and left a message, which hasn’t been returned.

* Firefly Coffee House says no-thanks to ad solicitation (

Also: Student press groups write to the Indianapolis Marriott about their RFRA concerns (

* New: Read comments from my Facebook friends and subscribers

- Philadelphia Daily News, April 1

– Philadelphia Daily News, April 1

mikep* [ABOVE] The religious freedom flap has really taken a toll on Gov. Mike Pence! (Or is that an April Fool’s joke, Philly Daily News?) | Photo at left: Pence on a good day. | Update: Jim Stinson reports the Daily News used a photo of Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller.
* A blogger is contacted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement after putting up a Google Plus post critical of Gov. Rick Scott. “It was creepy,” says Daniel Tilson, but the agent “was very polite and sounded a little bit embarrassed to me.” ( | Tilson’s account of the episode. ( | Bill Day‘s editorial cartoon. (
* Good move: The Post at Ohio University decides against publishing The Pest, an April Fool’s Day tradition. “The news pages occupied by ‘The Pest’ can be better used for, well, the news,” says the editor. (
* This isn’t an April Fool’s joke, Time Out New York? (
* The New Jersey radio host who’s driving a Corvette – thanks to Gov. Chris Christie – is “clueless” about journalism ethics, says the Asbury Park Press. (
* Warren Buffett‘s BH Media Group buys two small Virginia newspapers. (
* Drones, Google Glass and other tools embraced by journalism students. (
* BuzzFeed’s new product design manager comes from the New York Times. (
* North Carolina lawmakers favor publishing legal notices in print and online. Cities and counties wanted the option to post only on their websites and avoid charges. (
* Washington Post and Greensboro News & Record photographers are recognized by the National Press Photographers Association. (
* JOBS: Education reporters and editors wanted. (Romenesko Jobs)
* GateHouse Media is closing three newspapers in southern Illinois. The Daily American, the weekly Murphysboro American, and Money Stretcher shopper will be shuttered in May. A press release (no link) says: “Challenging economic conditions in the markets these publications serve have left the company unable to maintain operations.”
* Graffiti artist tags the Grand Rapids Press building just before its demolition. (“It seems like a waste of paint.”) (


Take a look at the photo and tell me if you’d believe for a second that this was a real thing. | Read what my Facebook friends and subscribers say about USA Today getting hoodwinked.

– via @FishbowlNY

New: You can do better than this, John Hockenberry!