Charlotte Observer and other McClatchy papers drop print edition baseball box scores

Charlotte Observer sports editor Mike Persinger writes on Facebook: “As [we] move into the digital age, we’re dropping Major League Baseball box scores from the printed newspaper. We will still devote similar space to baseball, just with more notes and feature stories. Still, there will be calls. Pray for me.”

Have the calls come in this morning? I asked Persinger.

“Yes, perhaps a hundred,” he says. “We have a dedicated email and voicemail we put with the announcement.”

I’m told that “several” other McClatchy papers are also dropping box scores. (I called McClatchy spokesman Peter Tira to find out how many. I’m waiting for him to return my message. | 9:45 p.m. ET update: Still no return call.)

A Romenesko reader tells me: “Sacramento Bee today had standings and only Giants and A’s boxes with no roundup of games. The irony is the Gannett is now producing daily baseball pages – with full boxes – for all of its markets.”

Do you work for a McClatchy paper (or read one)? Let me know if the box scores were dropped from your paper.

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