Caught on Periscope: Some loser’s camera stand hit a coffee table on Trump’s private jet

Donald Trump reacts to possible damage to his coffee table

The Des Moines Register’s Josh Hafner and other members of the press were on Donald Trump’s jet Wednesday when this happened:

Be careful, fellas,” Trump said to TV crews cramped around him in the cabin. “There’s one guy very dangerous with that one camera. I’m talking and I’m watching that camera which is about this far from the ceiling, knowing that my day is going to be ruined if they ruin the ceiling.” …

As questions ended on the plane, a camera stand tipped over and hit Trump’s coffee table.

“There we go. Told you. Who dropped it? Aw, come on fellas.”

No one said a word. “Who’s is it?” Trump asked again.

“It’s ours,” one journalist said, meekly.

“You know that just fell on my coffee table,” Trump said.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” said the journalist.

“You’re sorry?” Trump said. “I’m sorry, too.”

Hafner captured the accident on Periscope. (My screenshots are from his feed, which expires soon.)

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