Morning Report for April 9, 2015

Print Edition's Error 404: Sign I spotted at Milwaukee Public Library's East branch

Print Edition’s Error 404: Sign I spotted at Milwaukee Public Library’s East branch

* Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron says it’s time to discard “the lingering notion that paper will remain for long a big part of what we do. It will not. For a while, yes. But it will not last. …Most readers prefer to get their information from digital sources.” (
* Most teens (71%) use more than one social network site, but among the 22% of teens who only use one site, 66% use Facebook, 13% use Google+, 13% use Instagram and 3% use Snapchat. (
* Bob Schieffer says he plans to travel after retiring in May. “Mainly, I just want to rest a little bit.” ( | “You can bet heavily that Schieffer has never lusted after hosting The Tonight Show.” (
* New York Times reader: “I am aghast that the Times would post a video of the murder of a human being in the news feed this morning.” Have you watched cable news, sir? They’re playing it nonstop. (
* Journalism students from 19 universities will investigate marijuana legalization under the guidance of Leonard Downie Jr. (
* Former newspaper copy editors say they’re making more money as freelancers. (
bob* From yesterday’s White House pool report: “New York Times photographer Steven Crowley graciously shares with the pool that POTUS reminisced as he looked at a wall of framed records [at the Bob Marley Museum], ‘I still have all the albums.'” (
* Careful what you ask Coach K! (
* Institute for Nonprofit News (INN) CEO Kevin Davis departed after clashing with the board over the organization’s direction. (
* Photographers Julie Lindemann and John Shimon, who shot skinheads, albinos, street preachers and others for my Milwaukee Magazine stories in the 1990s, are profiled by that publication. (
* Marquette’s Lori Bergen is named the first dean of the University of Colorado’s College of Media, Communication and Information. (
* Twin Cities radio veteran Mary Lucia takes time off to deal with a stalker. ( | h/t @thedudekabides